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Astronomer  Avi Loeb says aliens have visited. According to Scientific American he's not kidding. 


     Avi Loeb was known in the scientific community for his openness to unconventional ideas, but he was an establishment figure who had published hundreds of papers over three decades on traditional astronomical subjects. He had a reputation for finding creative ways to subject hard-to-study phenomena to the rigors of the scientific method. “Avi is very good at picking problems to work on that have testable results,” Robert Wilson, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, told The Times in 2014. By the time Loeb published his Oumuamua hypothesis, he had collected a stack of impressive titles at Harvard: chairman of the astronomy department, director of the Institute for Theory and Computation, director of the Black Hole Initiative. Loeb could not have been any more mainstream or credentialed, yet here he was, saying that maybe an alien spaceship had arrived. It only took a few days for camera crews to show up at his house.

     Since then, Loeb has made extraterrestrial life his primary research focus. In thousands of news media appearances and near-daily online essays, he has called for scientists to seriously consider the possibility that aliens, or hardware they built, have visited our planet. He says scientists have a responsibility to investigate astronomical oddities like Oumuamua as well as reported sightings of U.F.O.s, which have recently been rebranded as U.A.P., for unidentified anomalous phenomena. “Two-thirds of the American public believes there is extraterrestrial life, more than the 56 percent that believes in the God of the Bible,” Loeb told me. Dismissing their questions as unworthy of consideration, he argues, is not a good way to earn back the trust of an American public that has become skeptical of science and scientists.

This is just the start of the fascinatiting story by Seth Fletcher in "The New York Times Magazine" article. Click the link to read the complete story.

Area 51 engineer, former veteran and author TD Barnes dove deep into the real story behind area 51.



I-Team: Former CIA specialist reveals new secrets of Area 51, including real name

by: George Knapp

Posted: Mar 11, 2022 / 02:57 AM PST

Updated: Mar 11, 2022 / 01:21 PM PST

An air of mystery has always surrounded Nevada’s Area 51 base. For years, the U.S. military denied that it even existed, but it’s been there since 1955, hidden behind cryptic nicknames. Now, new secrets about the base are being made public for the first time, including its real name.

Area 51 is, in one sense, a living, breathing contradiction – the world’s best-known secret base. It has inspired numerous books, television shows and major motion pictures but was it ever truly a secret?

“Area 51 was never secret. You knew the existence of it. It’s just who was out there and what they were doing,” Thornton “T.D.” Barnes, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Radar Specialist said to 8 News Now I-Team’s, George Knapp.

Barnes has probably done more than anyone to lift the veil of secrecy from Area 51. He’s the head of the Road Runners, a group of former Area 51 employees who came out into the open more than a decade ago to talk about the work they did in the Nevada desert.

This is just the beinning of this intriquing article. Follow the link to read the whole story.

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